Apr 26 2008

મે ૨૦૦૮ બેઠક

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It is our great pleasure to inform you that we have invited Professor Dr. Suman Shah from India as our guest on May17th to our GSS meeting. He is very learned and having tremendous knowledge on Gujarati literature. He is a Head of the department in Gujarat University, Ahmadabad and also Chief editor of a successful Gujarati magazine namely “KHEVANA”.  He has written several books and has received several awards.
We are sure that everyone will enjoy his knowledge.
His detailed achievements are attached herewith.
We are also thankful to our own member Mr.& Mrs.Akbar ali & Amina Narsi, who has invited all for holding GSS monthly meeting at his residence.
ON :- SATURDAY 17th MAY ’08
AT:- 2.00pm – 5.00pm

1)Prof. Suman Shah ( From India)

2) Rasik Meghani                    

 3)Prof. Suman Ajmeri

4) Himansu Bhatt (Dallas, TX)

Phone:-  832 606 3535
Email:-  akbaralinarsi@yahoo.com
Dear friends,
If all of us can R.S.V.P. with the host of the month, it will be very convinient for them to make the necessary arrangements.
Please email or call Akbarali Narsi at the above email address or phone number.
Appreciate your help.
Thank you ;

Fatehali Chatur & Prashant Munshaw.

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