Aug 10 2010

સાહિત્ય સરિતાની બેઠક ઓગષ્ટ ૨૨,૨૦૧૦

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Dear Sahitya Rasiko,
We are very pleased to announce the next meeting and invite all of you on August 22, 2010 (Sunday) at the home of Nikhilbhai & Manishben Mehta in Clear Lake area. The bethak will start promptly at 12:30 PM and will end at 3:00 PM. It will be followed by light snacks and refreshments from the host family. 
Since we will be Janmashtami, birth of one of the most complex personality almost 3800 years ago, the theme for the bethak will be
“Krishna – a Man, a Warrior (Destroyer of Evil), a Statesman, a Peace-Maker, Philosopher and an Apostle of Dharma – Man with a Kaleidoscopic (multi-dimensional) Personality”.
Of course, you can choose whatever subject you feel comfortable with and express your thoughts and creations in prose, poetry, gazal, or haiku. Additionally, Nikhilbhai will give a twenty minute presentation as a synopsis about complex life and inner workings of Lord Krishna. He has spent extensive time and effort in creating this presentation.
Let us make sure that
(1)      You do RSVP to Nikhilbhai (  Home: 281.286.2142; Cell: 832.660.8008, his Email address is, or to Vishwadeepbhai, (281-463-2354 or to Hemant Gajarawala (281-403-3003) on or before August 18, 2010.
(2 PLEASE DO RSVP.  Let the Coordinator or Associate Coordinator know if you intend to give any kind of presentation.
(3)  If you do intend to give a presentation, please limit your part to five (5) minutes so that others can also have a similar opportunity.
Thank you.
Hemant Gajarawala – Coordinator
Vishwadeep Barad – Assoc. Coordinator

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2 Responses to “સાહિત્ય સરિતાની બેઠક ઓગષ્ટ ૨૨,૨૦૧૦”

  1. વિશ્વદીપ બારડon 19 Aug 2010 at 2:53 pm

    ગુજરાતી સાહિત્યની સરિતા છે..એમાં ગુજરાતી ભાષામા લખાતા ફૂલ જ વહે તો સરિતા સુંદર લાગે.
    અંગ્રેજી કોઈ શબ્દ આવી જાય તો મહેમાન ગણી વધાવી લેશુ..

  2. Jay Rathodon 24 Sep 2010 at 10:43 am

    Dear V. Barad

    aapnu sunder vaky mane khubaj pasand aavyu je” angragi koi aavi jai to maheman gani vadhavi leshu”. This a really very nice to know about this website. I am very please to this. I would like to receive more information about the group and their activities if possible. Is this the group in Baroda? There is a lot to read on this website and I like it.
    Thanks for supporting Gjujarati Sahity and language.

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