Feb 19 2008

March 2008 Bethak

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We are happy to inform you that our next GSS Bethak will be held at the following place and time..
Mr. Atul Vir, of Shangri-La Art Gallery has consented to be the Host of the function.
After our meeting adjourns (around 4.30pm) The opening ceremony of the 1st Show for local artists of Indian origin will be held at 5.00 pm in which all GSS members are also invited.
Two Excitements of this function:-
1) Our ex president of Gujarati Samaj Mr. Vinod Patel will be exhibiting his paintings at the show.
2) Antaxari- 2
Date:- Saturday 1st March 2008
Time:- 2.00 pm
Place:- Shangri-La Art Gallery 2801 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N, Suite 188 Houston TX 77043

Tel:- 713 933 1488
Web: www.ShangriLaArts.com
Direction:- EZ Tag Building – Southbound on Beltway 8 West between Hammerly & Kempwood (North of I-10)

Subject / Theme:-  N A J A R (નજર)
Master of Ceremoney :- Devikaben Dhruva
Please contact for your presentation of item / Rachna
Devikaben Dhruva:- 281 415 5169 ddhruva1948@yahoo.com
Fatehali Chatur:- 832 643 8753 betterbargaininc@yahoo.com
Prashant Munshaw:- 832 242 1596 pmunshaw@hotmail.com
Thanks & Regards
Fatehali Chatur &
Prashant Munshaw

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